Automated Money Machine Review aka Million Dollar Marketing

You probably stumbled upon my Automated Money Machine review because you recently joined up with the company, or you might be considering joining. I am glad that you found this review, because I am here to share with you that my review is totally biased!

I am going to share with you where Automated Money Machine comes from, the product itself, and why it works. This information is from my own personal use of it, and if it didn’t work, I would write a very different review to let you know!

Automated Money Machine Review: About the Progam

To give you some insight into the program, I want to share with you that this product was created for the professional entrepreneur. This product is what many refer to as a big ticket item, and the best part about this program is that it runs completely automated.

Why is this beneficial? This is beneficial for those who want to run their front end business full-time, and not have to babysit leads coming in and leads being converted. This automated system makes your life easier, while allowing you to make money deposited directly into your bank account.

Automated Money Machine Review: the Truth About the Program

Those who have read another Automated Money Machine review have probably walked away with little information or information that is inaccurate. I am here to share with you that this program is truly the best of all programs that I have used.

You set it up, and that’s it; no product, no inventory, no parties and no auto ship. You can also choose how much you want to make when you choose to buy this program. What is more liberating than this? The best part is, that you won’t have to sell anything to anyone, and that means that even if those you know want to know more about it, they cannot say that you pressured them into this!

Automated Money Machine Review: What You Get

Once you decide to purchase this program, all you need to do is plug-in. You can get a pre-made site, and you can choose the layout that you want without a lot of work.

Once you make your decision you can get it published, add a webinar explaining to visitors what this is, and you can also set up an auto responder so that you can continue to market those who opt-in. This means that you have a system that does everything for you, so that you don’t have to sit and email each person individually, all day long. Don’t you want to spend your time enjoying tropical drinks on the beach instead of working all day?

You should know that the webinar space is limited, and if you pay close attention you will totally understand what you are missing! Why continue to wait for someone else to help you make money when you can do this on your own?

Thanks for reading my Automated Money Machine review, because now I can answer those questions about how you can make thousands more than you are today!

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Million Dollar Marketing Machine---What is the Secret To Success

Million Dollar Marketing MachineIs The Million Dollar Marketing Machine For YOU?

If you are reading through this Million Dollar Marketing machine Review, it either you are tired of traditional MLM and “baby sitting ” online newbies and looking to make a big buck through direct sales or you are still wondering if MMM is a scam or not. I hope this unbiased review will help you out.

Million Dollar Marketing Machine Review -Background:

In any company review , you want to know who the founder is , where they are located etc. because you never don’t want to do business with anyone with no address and location. The company is a US based and you can pretty much find the location from the website. To me that is huge in doing any business venture knowing you can contact support at anytime.

Million Dollar Marketing Machine Review:The Good

The Million Dollar Marketing Machine claims that it can generate thousands of dollars of pure cash, and that is money directly in your pocket not simply revenue. Could it make you a million dollars? Maybe! They claim that it is not out of the question for you to make $1,000 to $2,000 in your very first week.

Now we have all heard a lot of “get-rich-quick” schemes in our day, so we ask if there is there anything about the Million Dollar Marketing Machine that makes it unique? They state that this system will never require you to beg family members or friends for money and put them in uncomfortable positions. They also make clear that the best part about the Million Dollar Marketing Machine system is that while you are living the dream for yourself, the system allows you to help other people live out their million dollar dream at the same time.

Million Dollar Marketing Machine Review:The Bad

Since this is a no biased review, it is important we talk about both the advantages and disadvantages.
If you plan on marketing a website that is, by their own words a “copy”, is exactly that – it is a copy of another site! Search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing absolutely HATE duplicated content, so I wouldn’t expect this new website to jump to the top of any search engine rankings any time soon. That can be a devastating death blow to any free internet marketing campaign.

Another bad thing about the program is that , if you just join and expect to make tons of money without doing any advertising then you will fail.
Also the price tag on the product is high therefore eliminates all the tire kickers.

Million Dollar Marketing Review:The Product

Lead generation strategies is the main product of the Million Dollar Marketing Machine. Now one advantage to this program over others is that the Million Dollar Marketing Machine gives you a large amount of tools and consultation intended to help you be successful.

If you have been in this industry for a long time , you will understand that the number one reason for failure in the work from home industry is the inability to generate the right kind of leads.
The Million Dollar Marketing Machine, teaches many offline lead generation secrets such as postcard marketing, magazine ads, voice broadcasting just to name a few.
These offline methods are very effective because the targeted audience has money to do business , unlike most online entrepreneurs who has a get rich quick type of mentality and never take action. This alone is worth your time just learning new ways of lead generation.

Million Dollar Marketing Machine Review:How do You Join

Let me break it down into four simple steps is easy.

1. You watch the webinar that explains the whole concept of the Million Dollar Marketing Machine.
2.You are to call in to a 24 hour voice-mail line to give you an overview and have questions answered for you.
3. If you feel this is for you, you can your sponsor and make your payment depending on which level you choose starting from $500 up to $20000.
4. Once completed, your sponsor sends you the same marketing setup strategies and to have your system setup for you.
What I can tell you though is that the whole setup process does not require any computer skills at all.

Million Dollar Marketing Machine Review:Marketing Strategy

The Million Dollar Marketing Machine has the best strategy when it comes to marketing the business and it is so simplified that everyone can do it, including older citizen who may not be computer savvy. After you join, and get your system setup for you, all you need to do is to get in touch with the brokers who will place your ad for depending on which ad type you choose. Even the post card system is all hands off-just provide the link to your website and the rest will be done for you. Basically You need anywhere from $500 and above to place your first ad , but again this will be worth your time and money if you are looking to make the big buck ):.

Million Dollar Marketing Machine Review:Is This For Everyone?

Well to me those involved in the Million Dollar Marketing Machine program as people who are tired of traditional MLM ,because it takes so long to make real money with it and have the guts to take the risk.These are the ones making the big money with MDMM.

The other category of people joining the program are those who are not computer savvy but has the money to invest in a business .These folks do well with the Million Dollar Marketing Machine program as they have the resources to invest in advertising.

Now if you don’t have the money to advertise , this is not for you.

Million Dollar Marketing Machine Review:Is it A Scam?

In the end, you may ask yourself – Is this a scam? The answer to that depends on what you believe constitutes a scam. Do you get something for the money you pay? I would say yes. Is it worth the amount of money that you pay?

This depends on who you ask. If you made more than your investment, would it be a scam? What if you were one of the people who did so well and made so much money that they asked you to do a testimonial for Million Dollar Marketing Machine? Would you call it a scam?

From my review and interviewing some of the folks involved , I will tell you that the Million Dollar Marketing Machine is not a scam.

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